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Focus…and tell your storm…

It has taken me a few days to construct this blog…extremely uncharacteristic for me.  When I post…of course I don’t proofread…but one I either type the post and post it immediately…two I either type the blog and never post it…three I write a partial blog and let it sit in my drafts…or finally I write it on some scratch paper and tuck it off. For some reason this one was different…I started to write it one day…stopped and came back to finish it two days later…then I couldn’t post it and finally I re-read a few scriptures and felt the need to expand on the post. Peculiar…but we have a peculiar God…His ways are not our ways…so I guess I will just allow the blog to take on a life of its own.

The storm’s of life are soooo crazy. It seems as if storms love to come when it is already raining…thus the saying, “when it rains…it pours.”  I can recall writing about this several times before…so this is a subject that I am well versed in.  Lemme ask you this…why does it seem like when we are walking the path of the straight and narrowness (don’t think that is a word…but ooh well) this is when one of those raging storms commence?  I mean one of those out of control…no matter the size of the umbrella…get soaked type of storms.  It seems like when we fellowship with wrong…life appears to be relatively easy for the most part…but the very moment we decide to straighten up and fly right…we make that conscious effort to allow out change to change…hell takes off the padlock and breaks loose.

Honestly the answer is simpler than you think…the thing is when we are walking that crooked walk…we are exactly where the enemy wants us to be…in essence he is rewarding us.  I compare it to allowance.  Remember when you were a child and you had to complete chores? Once you completed these chores…your parents might have given you an allowance because of your obedience and job well done.  Now if you didn’t complete your chores, or did anything else to the contrary…you probably got punished…well at least that is how it happened in my house. Where am I going with all of this…follow me for a second as I attempt to connect the pieces for you. As long as you are obedient to the adversary…you know doing his work (chores) for him…being a compliant peon…he gives you that reward…an allowance…but the minute you decide to defy him and shift your focus (remember this word focus) you must deal with his ramifications.

The other day I read the entire 14th chapter of Matthew.  Actually, Matthew is my favorite of the sixty-six books in the Bible.   I really can’t tell you how many times I have read the book in its entirety…but it has been several times.   See the thing about me…is when I struggle…when I go through storms myself…I tend to go back to my foundation…which is Matthew.  Matthew isn’t the first book I read in its entirety…but it was the first one I read with purpose and sincerity.

Back to that word focus…focus is defined as:

To adjust one’s concentrated vision or energy and converge towards a central point to render it clear.

Focus…I think one of the strongest examples of focus in the Bible is in Matthew 14:24-32.  Okay…stay with me…I’m gonna teach for a quick second. Jesus and his disciples were on a ship sailing and a fierce storm came against the ship…in the midst of the storm is when Jesus always performs His miracles…He walks on water.  As He stood in the middle of the sea his disciples were frightened…place yourself in their shoes…can you imagine seeing a person WALK ON WATER???  Nah…not me…I would probably trip out…literally…but as alarmed as they were…Jesus spoke them…simply by saying…27 Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.  You know how the flesh is though…we always must question what we definitely hear from God…so Peter says…28 JesusOnWaterLord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on water.  What is it about us that makes us question His voice?  Jesus says one simple word…”Come”…and Peter began to walk towards Jesus on the water in the midst of the boisterous storm.  As Peter continued to walk..he began to get closer to Jesus…but look what happens here…he loses loses FOCUS…he shifts his FOCUS from Jesus to the storm.  It was right there in that instance Peter begins to sink in the water.  Okay…lemme say that again…when Peter shifted his concentrated energy from his central point he began to sink.  Maybe that one was for me…lol.  The beauty about it all is that Jesus heard the cry from Peter and outstretched His hand to Peter and rescued him from sinking.  Does that ring a bell?  Hold on let me say it differently…understand this…Jesus is always with us during any storm…He is right there standing with us in the face of danger…all you have to do is to cry out to Him…and He will meet you where you are…”O THOU OF LITTLE FAITH”.

Life is about alignment and focus.  Where or what is it that you concentrate your energy on?  What do you align yourself with?  What are the things in your life that causes you to shift your focus?  I will tell you this one fundamental belief…what you focus on the most will always be the clearest in your life.  Focus is a nutrient of life.  Focus to an extent is a form of water.  Focus will saturate your crop and allow that to grow.  The more your focus on it…the more it will grow.  Now…not all focus is intended for clear vision.  There is some focus that blurs your vision.  You can focus so much on the trees…that you miss that they are planted in a forest.

Where am I going with this…storms = water….focus = water…life = water.  There is a common denominator here…WATER.  Every living organism needs water…directly or indirectly to live…so understand this thing…don’t always seek shelter in the face of storms…embrace that storm…get wet…but shift your focus back…shift your focus and lift your eyes  to the hills where your help come from.  Focus is a voluntary act…it is a simple decision that we make everyday we wake up.  Life is full of choices…make the choice…take the chance to shift your focus to allow your change to change…then you’ll be changed.

Be blessed today…

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you get what you got because you do what you did

As I scrambled through my brain, I found it rather hard to come up with a topic to talk about today.  Even as I continue to type I hope that something worthwhile spews out of my fingertips.  I was thinking today about things that are certain…and one thing that is for certain is death…outside of that there is this gray area that we all have the power to control.

In my occupation (and socially) I encounter a gamut of folks.  It is strange because even though we are strangely different…at its core we all strive for the same things…not in any particular order but:

  • Happiness
  • Peace/Tranquility
  • Success
  • Inalienable/Unalienable rights

I can continue to go on, but you get the drift.  We all have dominion over our lives.  What suprises me is that many people on this Earth…or at least many of individuals I have encountered do not understand that they are masters of their own lives….rulers of their destiny’s.  Many people are trapped…bound and shackled due to their own will.  We are by products byproducts of our own insanity.  What I have learned extremely well lately is that…you get what you got because you do what you did…you follow that.  At some point in our lives we can’t use the excuse of…”this is what I’m used to”…or “we’ve always have done things this way”.

Grab life by the horns.  Life is what you make it…

If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong.- Charles F. Kettering


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Enough Already…

…here we are again folks.  I’m sitting here at the same table yet superstock_1614r-1255AGAIN…trying to make sense of certain situations.  I know that I can’t play God (nor I don’t want to try), but things seem to happen in my life.  I have had this post written for quite some time now.  I was just really wondering when was the opportune time to release it.  I guess I got my answer the other day…walk with me for a second folks…

One thing I love to do is talk (I get that from my dude Bertha…that cat can go…love ya fam!)…if I have something to say…best believe you are gonna hear what I have to say…does not matter…good…bad…or indifferent…David is gonna say what David is going to say.  As usual I was chopping it up with a good friend of mine and she stated that there are holes in my blog…which I responded too in my typical manner by telling her to shut up…but really what she is saying was true…she knows my situation…she knows my family…she has been around my family…so she knows that I am only giving bits and pieces of my plight.  She stated that by reading my blogs she can personally see my growth, but she felt like I had much more to offer people by being more detailed and transparent…I took into consideration what she said and it has helped me arrive to this point of releasing some post that I were holding on too.

I was holding on to these post for a number of reasons…first of which…man do I really want my business out there like that…second…who would really care about this cat from Ohio talking about his personal dysfunction like that…third…are people really ready to hear what I have to say…and finally the most selfish of reasons…I really want to put some of this in my book…lol.

I came to this conclusion after meticulously weighing  all of these options…there has to be someone out here in this ginormous place we call cyberspace that needs to hear what I am saying….

It has just been about one-year now since Ronya has passed.  Through all of the peaks and valleys…I have still stayed strong…although I did stray and sway…God has the uncanny ability to place me right back on track.  Many people have asked me when is the right time to move on…i.e…start to date again…that is a difficult question to ask…because it is just where the individual is at…see my situation is kind of quirky…even though Ronya did pass away unexpectedly…she had prepared me for her death…she told me EXACTLY what she expected and wanted for me…I was able to grieve and cope at a much faster rate than some…This helped me tremendously…also knowing that my baby is not in any pain anymore helped exponentially.

People want to know….does David have a love interest yet…hmm that isg_romeo_studio_oliveira_ramos_love_eyes_700s a great question…the truth of the matter is this…David has dated…David has talked…it has be specualted that David has a woman…that David is engaged…you would think that I was running for the US Senate with the amount of scrutiny I get from this…so with all that being said David is doing something…BUT David will not share that yet…hahahaha…you gotta stay tuned…

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That’s the way the cookie crumbles…..

….I was supposed to be reporting on the number of times I heard the presidential candidates said “fundamental difference”…..well unfortunately people I fell asleep during the beginning of the debate.  So my tally for the event was a meager two times….

Okay, in keeping with the theme of Rewind Wednesday….well I’m deviating slightly from the format.  I decided to go through my email from exactly a year ago to the day and this is a discussion my email group had…

Why do you think men leave there wives for younger women? I would love some feedback about this.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.– George Bernard Shaw



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