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No False Steps….

So much has happened since the last time I have posted anything of tresselmjtsignificance. Many of you know that I coach high school football for a school in my area. I actually coach the linebackers. I won’t go into detail about the responsibilities of a ‘backer…I know that would bore quite a few of you…but there is something profound that I found out yesterday while we were at mini-camp. I love my coaching job. I coach for an inner-city program so many of the kids are rough around the edges…but the crazy thing is…they are all great kids…as I start to peel back their complex layers…I learn that they are no different than any other child…they just merely had to adapt to their surroundings.

Anywho…that is a conversation for a later day. I have learned over the years that it is the small things that get our attention…I teach mLaurinaitis-2y players about making no “false steps”…and what I mean by that is (and I promise I’m going to keep the linebacker/football terminology to a minimum) every step you take make it a positive football move. In my defense we have 3 linebackers…each has their own name…Mike (middle backer)…Will (weak side backer) and Sam (strong side backer). Follow me for a minute here…these 3 backers have their own keys…BUT it is all the same. I teach them to mirror their keys through the big picture. For instance…the Mike keys the fullback…if the fullback goes right…the Mike is to mirror him and make his step definitive…if the fullback step forward…the Mike is to step forward…again mirroring his key…BUT as he mirrors his key, the Mike still must watch his key through the entire play…or what I call the big picture. It is pertinent that he does not take any unnecessary steps…or false steps…if he does…there is a potential to be out of position and completely miss the play. Now the Will has a different key…he reads the near back to the tail back…BUT also through the big picture.

We teach our kids that once you read you key…mirror him and you must do what we call…”step to balance”…what this means is after he makes the initial mirror step of his key…he must then place himself in a football related stance…keeping a good width between his feet…staying low to the ground and ready to attack…weight equally distributed and shoulders parallel to the line of scrimmage (this is where they hike the ball from) …he steps to balance just in case the play goes a different way…for this reason…if all these components are correctly put in place even if the opposing team attempts to fool the player and run the ball in a different direction…it is easy for him to adjust and redirect himself and still make a play.

As I was teaching this last night at mini-camp…I started to thing about life and how it is crazy how this simple football technique mirrors us. FleaFlickerSee…God has a play designed for us…but we don’t know exactly what it is…we must read the keys that He gives us…but we can’t just focus on one thing…we have to look at it through the big picture. Check this out…for instance you can be sitting watching television…you can see the television…but you can also see everything thing behind it…you might have pictures on the wall…a clock…speakers…you see the big picture. God has a big picture for all of us…BUT sometimes when we start to make false steps…He might re-direct the play…that is when you must step to balance…you must be able to re-adjust to the direction of your life. Just because you have re-directed your life…doesn’t mean that the goal is not the same. Concentrate…stay focused on the big picture…just like the Will and Mike…even though they have different responsibilities…their goal is ultimately the same. Stop comparing your keys to others…be able to step to balance when it gets tough…make your steps positive life steps…be definitive in your actions.

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. – William Arthur Ward


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Back on the grind…

….well I’m officially back people.  I had to take a brief hiatus.  I was off of school for two-weeks so I took the time out to re-charge my batteries.  I stopped being stubborn and I took some advice from my doctor.  Now I did not stop working, but I did just let somethings go.  I decided to do “me” for a couple of weeks.  You can call me MJ now, I have put on the “45” and came out of retirement.  So like a cog rotating, I’m back on the grind.  Everything has been so discombobulated blog wise….so I need to get back to the routine….but today will not be the day.  I want to give you an update of what has been going on in the land of Dew.  I literally have been chillin’…..not doing nothing.  Some days during the past two weeks I actually contemplated on taking a shower…..hahahaha…..hold on now, I did take showers, but a few days I really wasn’t sure…and if I didn’t have to go to work, I would have been a done deal.  Do not act like you haven’t did that before! I call it the Pepe Lepew smell test.  First you put your hands over your mouth in a cupping fashion and blow….then you sniff the arm pits one after another…followed the genital and gluetus maximus  test….hahahahaha, that is so nasty.  Again for the record, I did take showers EVERYDAY!.  I do some lazy stuff from time to time, but when it comes to hygiene that one thing that Dew does not play about.

Today is usually Rewind Wednesday, but that will be back at its regular time next week.  Okay…update time, like I said before, my batteries are recharged.  For those of you that workout, you know after you have had one of those good workouts…and after the workout it is like you have more energy than you had previous to the workout.  I used to workout at 5:30am every morning.  I would feel so refreshed after those workouts…you feel me?  Alright then, this is for those that are married (remember I am a Christian…even though sometimes I fall short)…but I’m being realistic too…maybe I shouldn’t say this…but ooh well, it wouldn’t be Dew if I didn’t say it.  Married people, you know how after you have some good relations with your spouse…well there are two types….the type that put you right to sleep and then there is the kind that is off the chain and it gives you MORE energy…man, makes you wanna go clean something…that is how I feel now.  I feel good.

#1 and #2 have been doing good.  They are both doing great in school.  Even though it is early in the quarter, they have transitioned back to school smoothly.  #2 has just been goofy lately…and actually is starting to become a social butterfly of some sort.  She is going over her friends house more and also when we go to my nephews football games on Friday night, she mingles with her classmates.  Now that #1, that dude has no problem socially.  We go to the games on Friday night and I don’t see him until two minutes left in the game.  #1 has a game tomorrow night, so I’ll give you an update on that.

It is back to school for me….I am taking all internet courses except for a weight training and conditioning class.  I guess it is time for me to get my muscle game on…so I will keep you posted.  I think I might even dedicate a blog to my progress.  Yeah, that’ll work.  I take the class on Saturday mornings (I get out of class early enough before the start of kickoffs), so I think I might do the blog on Saturdays for you weekend warriors.

Rest when you’re weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work. Ralph Marston


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I haven’t forgot….

….about you.  I just have been busy.  I’ll get back to it today….I have so many things I have to tell you about….some funny, some boring…sprinkle in a little drama…and you’ll be back up to speed with Dew.  So check back later on today.



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You better get your mind right….

….It has almost been a week since my last blog.  I guess I could say I haven’t blogged because I was extremely busy or I had an emergency….none of these were the case.  I haven’t blogged because I just didn’t want to.  Sometimes you just get in a place where you just don’t feel like doing to much of anything…and that has been me for the past week.  I actually have been busy this past week, but I had several opportunities to blog….hey, at least I missed ya’ll! This is kind of long…and I don’t mean to be preachy or deliver a sermon, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do…part 3 of ?????

With today being Motivational Thursday, I think I will stay with the current theme of “moving”.  I want to tell you about a situation with #1 and maybe….just maybe we can tie this all in together.  I love my children so much…it is crazy.  I know you are probably thinking that is normal, but the love I have for my children is so intense now.  It seems weird, but since my wife passed away months back, it is like I’m more cognizant of everything with my children.  It is like I have to love them more….for both parents.  Maybe I am overcompensating….man, I dunno.

#1 has his first “real” game of the season tonight.  They scrimmaged last week and I was amped about how dude played.  He did his thing out there.  Even though it is only Middle School football, some of the parents act like these cats are playing for the Vince Lombardi trophy (that is the Superbowl trophy if you don’t know).  I mean it just is not that serious.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the one of the first to get in my son’s grill if he is not performing up to his capabilities ( I guess that is the coach in me)…but I won’t go overboard….when dealing with 11-13 year olders you have to know your limits.  I know everyone wants a winner….me too, I can’t stand to lose….and those that know me will tell you that I am the consummate competitor, but you still have to understand that these children are still learning the game.

Okay…here we go…#1 is my namesake so I will call him Dew Jr….we call him DJ for short.  This dude has a crazy amount of talent, but he can sometimes be lazy.  He is not a practice player….I repeat…He is not a practice player.  We moved to this school system just about two years ago when he was in fifth grade.  He has always played football and baseball, but he hasn’t played for the football for the past two seasons.  Number one because he played running back and has taken a ton of hits for basically four years.  He started playing when he was in kindergarten.  Number two, I just did not want him to get burned out on it.  Giving him a season or two off rested his body and also made him hungry to play.  Finally, my wife was getting sicker, so we just didn’t have the time to shuttle back and forth between practice.

Let me speed this up a little….so there is your background.  Now it is football season and he is ready.  He wants to play for his Middle School team…I’m like cool….I’ll support him with whatever he wants to do.  It is August and we hadn’t received anything about the start of football conditioning….so I call up to the school and they had actually started practice.  They were three days into it.  I talk to the coach and I get him to practice….so he is at a disadvantage…he didn’t grow up through this football program and he is behind the 8-ball with conditioning.  Mind you that he has always played running back and linebacker….so the coaches take one look at him and they change his position.  Dude is thick though…really solid.  He is going to start lifting weights with me this off season….He is already strong as all get out, so man you can imagine.  He is pretty upset that they changed his position, but the coaches did not know him.  Fast forward now, they are two weeks into practice and he is doing just enough to get by…so the coaches throw him on Red team.  The Red team is basically second string…they call their first team Black….okay…I’m really trying to speed this up.  I go to just about all of his practice.  I just park and watch from a distance.  I really just observe…I watch everything.  I only offer my opinion IF DJ asks me what did I see or what can he change.  He actually does a great job asking for advice.  I basically lay back UNLESS he is just lallygagging….and then I will call him on it after practice….but that is few and far between.  I would notice that it is this one coach that is always talking to him…literally after every play.  So I asked DJ what was going on…he said the coach was helping him out.  If you ever have coached before you see things in certain players….you tend to stay on them more…that is just the nature of the beast.  DJ had been out of football for two seasons now, so it was kind of hard from him to get adjusted  back to the speed and violence of the game.  He has the body for it, but those muscles had not be worked like that in awhile.  Even though he stayed active by playing baseball (I actually think he is better in baseball), the level of intensity is miles apart.  Conditioning was hard for him.  He would come home sore and limping….just worn out.  All the running and conditioning took a toll on his body….and the fatigue was affecting his judgment too….but as the days passed, things started to get easier for him.  The drills and conditioning started to help….but he was like in this stagnant place…while some of the other players were progressing he was progressing but not moving at the pace he should be.  That was because of his flying under the radar attitude….doing just enough not to get yelled at.

So I noticed this…and one thing about being a father….there is one thing that I will not tolerate….half doing something.  My children know that I would rather them not do something, then to half do it.  What I decided to do is after practice, DJ would do some extra work at home (I actually run every sprint and drill with him)…about 20-25 minutes are so.  We work on foot agility drills, we run this hill about 15 times outside our place….we do quick sprints to work on speed….you know things to get him moving.  His problem is that he does not pickup his knees when he runs….so he is moving, but not up to his full capability.  Here we are now….After just two weeks of extra practice at home…DJ was named a starter on both sides of the ball for the first game of the season….by hard-work, determination and movement….It is a saying that I frequently use as a coach.  You play how you practice.  If look at a teams practice, that’ll tell you how successful that team is.  This philosophy can be used in any aspect of life…

I say all of that to setup this little bit here…..Movement is part of the evolution process.  You have to be able to move and adapt to whatever your situation is.  He we go now….you see DJ was getting just enough from his coaches.  Even though the coaches tried hard, they only could get him to a certain point…feel me?  DJ needed his father to give him that guidance and direction to push on over the top.  Okay, let me say this in a different way…this is what we do to our Father…we go to other coaches (friends) to seek advice for situations….instead of going to our Father (God) for the ultimate solution.  He conditions us…he makes us move our feet…lift up our knees when we are tired.  One thing I notice about my son…he reacts to his coach, but if I stand up and raise MY voice, he perks up and gets the job done.  We do the same thing….we move when we hear our Father’s voice….commence to marination time.

Stop seeking other coaches for advice….Seek our Father, it’ll make thinks alot easier.



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Ya’ll Must Thought I Forgot

The 2008 NBA Champs!!!  Number 17 Baby…

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Short and Sweet

I plan on writing two post today so I’ll keep this short and sweet.  I hate to be the one that said I told your so (okay I’m lying)….but I told you so.  Not only was I correct with the 17th Championship prediction, but I also said that KG was gonna DOMINATE…let see his resume for the night 26 pts, 14 rebs, 4 ast, 3 stl, and 1 blk…a stat stuffer of a night.  I have SEVERAL friends that are Faker…oops I mean Laker fans, and it so tragic that none of them will return any of my calls.  It is ironic that it coincides with the thrasing of the Fakers….

“Phil is obviously a good coach. You don’t win that many games without being a damn good coach, … Remember one thing: He’s been very fortunate. He picks his spots. That’s all I can say.” – Red Auerbach


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Beantown Baby

What’s up people?  Tonight is the night.  Ya’ll know what I’m talking about….the night my Celtics wrap up our 17th NBA Title.  Man it has been along time coming….since ’86…whew that was a loooonnnng time ago.  I was just a pup around that time.  I’m going to be at home watching the game on the new TV I purchased a few weeks ago.  HDTV is the greatest thing created next to sliced bread, tennis shoes and gummi bears.  A couple of weeks ago my good friend came to Ohio from Texas on business….and we were sitting around, just shooting the breeze…we decided to play a few video games.  We used to be video game junkies…well maybe a little bit still….I guess, I rarely play my Xbox 360 now….between work, school and all the extracurricular activities my children have, I really haven’t had a chance play…until we dusted off the controllers this particular day. 

For the sake of sparing my partner, I’ll keep the results of the games just between us (just say the good guys won more than they lost…lol).  Man, I am one of the most personable people (hahaha personable people) you would every meet, but some people just get on my NERVES.  Case in point, as I am typing this blog, these folks keep on coming in my office.  Okay…granted I am at work so maybe I should be productive….but I am…I’m actually on break. 

Back to the C’s…I think it is a wrap today…KG played like garbage in game 5 and I expect for him to DOMINATE game 6.  This is gonna be a great day.

My children have abdandoned me this week, both of them have gone their seperate ways.  They should be home Thursday…a matter of fact I know they will, because that is payday. 

Ooh I did say I would tell you about myself on a as needed basis huh??  Yeah, I did….well other than working and going to school, I coach football, officiate high school basketball and am currently working on two books….anything else you wanna know?  Talk to ya’ll later…be blessed

“Keep on going, and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I never heard of anyone ever stumbling on something sitting down.” -Charles F. Kettering


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