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If i had more hair…i would pull it out!!

It has been two weeks to the day since my last post.  Even though I have written several posts, I haven’t had the desire to release any of them (I guess that is part of my dysfunction rearing its ugly head). You know that it is just a time and place for everything…not that I have all these jar-dropping, earth-shattering revelations…but timing is everything…so I decided to scale back on these.  Now, you know that I was not ignoring you…I was working the kinks out.

I’ve really been working on the character development on this novel…I know that once I nail them…the sky is the limit…I have went back to the drawing board a few times on it…but I now know the true direction of them. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Life as a single-father has been what it is…ROUGH…I mean I am handling it…so I don’t complain…What is it that they say…women have done it for years…so that doesn’t make me any different…adapt and adjust…dealing with my #1 and #2…can be a challenge…and ooh yeah…they love to test me.  They know I’m like a big ‘ol dog…I bark a whole lot…but at the end of the I rarely do anything.  I think they are accustomed to it and play chicken with me (with them usually winning). I bet in the back of their devious minds they are cracking up at my expense (hell I laugh at myself at times too).

I have alot on my mind…one thing I am learning…a tiger can’t change its stripes…and I have had somethings from my past fall out of the closet…ooh boy did it…but that is a story for another day…I have much to share…so little time…talk later…


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Chronicles of a first-time book writer

…as many of you know I am currently writing a novel…actually I am writing two…like I said before I would love to give you guys a so called play by play bookaccount of my highs and lows as I go down this emotional roller coaster…so today will be my first installment of  (drum roll please)……..Chronicles of a first-time book writer….or CFTBW for short…

The other day while I was going through some things I happened to come across some of Ronya’s writings before she became extremely sick.  She was actually writing her story…I really didn’t look at it because I don’t really think that I am at the point where I can truly handle reading those words (maybe I need to start therapy back…at least that what folks tell me)…I think when it is all said and done I will intertwine our writings somehow so her writing was not in vain (I gotta pray on that one).4731praying-hands-posters

I’ve been working on character development and also my partner has been brainstorming some book cover ideas.  I think this project is about to sprout by leaps and bounds.  I get kinda nervous about the book….just on the strength that I know that I am a writer…but I write without structure.  I dont proofread…I dont use punctuation…spell check…proofread…so this definitely out the box for me.  I’m not too much worried about if folks will like it or not…I know that I have a story to tell and it will reach who it needs to reach.  Who knows…but I do know that it will all happen in God’s timing…

I’m ready for this journey folks…..walk with me….

A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown. – Denis Waitley


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