The Rebirth…

12 Aug

Gooood morning family…I told you I was back!!!!  Quick refresher if you are new…old…old and forgot or whoever.  Oooh…great news…I have somewhat of a filter now.  Well filter on the way I present something, not necessarily my thoughts…I mean this is a blog…right?  Seriously though…my blog…my rules.  I write without proof-reading.  I believe from that standpoint you get me…how I am thinking it.  I’m not big on punctuation…I use it…but I do enough business writing and academic writing that my blog is always for me to just write un-edited.  Now…at times I will edit…especially if I think that I really need to get a point across.  I am not a fan of commas…I prefer to use three consecutive periods.  I choose to use three because I think that number is significant.  The number 3 represents so much from a biblical perspective.  I am write-polar…yes, I said that right (you see…I used a comma).  I write from different tenses and different perspectives…and it all can be in one paragraph.  Don’t be alarmed…I am sane…lol.  Well, its great to be back…hope you enjoy…

Change can be a breath of fresh air or your worst nightmare.  Not all people adapt to change very well…I would venture to say most of the reasoning behind that would be because we are creatures of habit.  Habitual in most of our ways.  Religious folks…you know…and I am not even talking about religious from a doctrinal perspective, but religious from a repetitive standpoint.  Ahhh…change…it can really suck sometimes.  From transitioning from point A to B sometimes can just be downright uncomfortable…but let me tell you this…Change is critical and it is necessary for advancement.  I’ll prove that we are religious folks. We tend to:

·         Wake up at the same time

·         Eat the same thing for breakfast

·         Drive the same way to work

·         Work the same set schedule

Repetition…religious…you get me?  Maybe…maybe not? Maybe I should call that structured…huh?  I don’t know.  I think there is a major difference in being religious about something and being structured about a thing.  One bends…the other is faithful.  Go figure…

Do you know what happens when we refuse to change…we have the tendency to develop an unsavory aroma?  In layman’s terms…pretty much…we stink.  Like some smelly gym socks or an old patch of collard greens (1992-93 reference…lol.  Showing my age here).  I remember hearing my Bishop saying…when we resist change we become stale and we smell.  That is deep.  Just think of something that is stale.  It probably smells…it’s softer…lost its flavor…lost its freshness (yeah…I’ll cover that in my next blog).

Probably should stop here…I am starting to dig into my bible study for tomorrow night.  Ooooh… I didn’t tell you…or maybe I did previously.  I am now an ordained Deacon now…and I teach bible study at my church!!  Maybe I did previously.  Who knows…well if I didn’t…now you know.  God is good.  It’s been real.  I’ll finish up tomorrow.  I’ll even share notes from my bible study…and maybe some audio too. 

If you haven’t already…subscribe to my blog…tell your friends…family…loved ones…frenemies…basically everyone you come in contact with…Peace and blessing Kings and Queens.

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