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The Devil Doesn’t Live Here Anymore….

I want to do something different with this post.  God works with me extremely different than He does with other people.  Well let me take that back…I’m not sure how He deals with you…so for that fact I will scale back from what I just said.  I guess what I need to say is that God works with me on several different levels.  He typically allows me to observe a situation…and then allows me to see this situation in slow motion…other times…He drops things in my spirit…but every so often He gives me a dream when He really wants to get something across to me.  He typically uses things that are strong in my life to get drive His point…last night was one of those “dream” nights.  So what I decided to do is blog about my dream…but in poem form.  This is the first time I’ve done something like this…but I just had the urge to do something different…so I’m about to sit back and allow it to do whatever it wants to do…and I pray through these stanzas that someone is blessed…

Get out of my life…
Why are you here…
Who gave you the right
To even be in my life.
Don’t you know that it was you
It was you that choose to do what you do
It was you that held the key
It was you that gave me the key
So why do you question me
Because it was you that gave me the right to be in your life
Get out my life
Why are you here
What is it that you want
Why are you bothering me
Just go ahead and go
You had your time
You ran your course
You and I are not for better or worse
Why do you talk to me like this
It’s me that you are calling telling me you miss
The things that I do
Don’t try to turn my do to a did
I’m gonna always be where you end…and where you begin
You gave me this key
I don’t have to go
So continue to complain
It’ll be you dealing with the pain
As for me…I will be me
I will be alright
Because I have a key
And I have a right
I’m sorry you have no right
I’m even willing to fight
To get back my life
That you are trying to steal
This is my life…I have dominion…
You have no right
Yes I do…remember everything you gave me
You gave me a piece of you
You gave me a part of your virtue
Now that tie can’t be broken
And I am here
Psst…come close…psst come near
Let me tell you this
You laid with me and now we are one
We are tied at the soul never to be undone
The devil is a lie
It’s time for you to go
Right or wrong your purpose is done…on purpose
So pack your bags its time to fly so I can enjoy me and mine
Ha…think it is that easy
That easy for me to go
I have a key
This is my home
I can come and go
Remember it was you that let us in
It was you that loved to sin
Now you try to make me go
Excuse me sir…I don’t think so
Let me tell you this…
Remember that choice…I would be remised
Not to bring up all those times
All the doors that you opened
All the distractions and attractions that gave you carnal satisfaction
You just can’t dismiss this
It is this that you will surely miss
Come over here…give me a kiss
Why are so looking so confused…so disheveled
Hey you…come dance with the devil
Get out my house
This is my house you don’t belong
Take you…all of yall and leave
This is my home…this is my place
Now it is time for you to depart this place
I am no longer that person
I have changed…
No…its not the more things change…the more the remain
You are not welcomed here
Leave fast…or I’m gonna whip your…
See I told you I’ve changed
Before I would have said it
But not now…I know how to stand proud
So GET OUT MY HOUSE right now
You no longer have the right to be in my life
While you’re at it leave the key at the door
I don’t want to see you anymore
One thing I know is that God has my back
We are fighting back…we are on the attack
And I command you not to come back
Psst now you come here…let me tell you something
I can stand up boldly and proclaim
I don’t need you now or never
As for me…I’m doing better
So leave the key at the door
Devil your lust don’t live here no more
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