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You Can’t Put a Price on it…

Happy New Year all!!!  Welcome to the year of 2012.  I just want to get that out the way before we start to talk about what we talk about.  If your eyes are reading this…that means you made it…which actually is a great thing.  The site looks kind of different huh?  Well I felt that my blog was well overdue for an overhaul and what better way to make a change then to correlate it with the new year.  I wanna say welcome to all  my new readers and subscribers…and to my returning readers glad you decided to come back.  Okay, I have to put this out there from time to time…because I do have new readers and also some of yall old heads forget…I…Me…David…yours truly or whatever form of I you want to use does not…I repeat…I DO NOT proof-read nor edit any of my post.  I truly believe to capture the essence of what I attempt to convey is mainly in the rawness of the delivery…so what you see is that you get…from my fingers to your eyes.  Plus, I do enough writing and editing at school… 

You can’t put a price on it…looking at this statement one can garner a surplus of ideas of what it means.  One can say that you can’t put a price on love (which I believe is true)…you can’t put a price on joy (agree)…I can go on.  What do I mean by this simple statement…You can’t put a price on COMPANIONSHIP.  Personally, I believe that there are a total of 5 “ships” that matter in life.

  1. Companionship
  2. Relationships
  3. Partnerships
  4. Sponsorships
  5. Friendships

All of these “ships” make up our very existence.  They are the crux of what we are.  Each of these “ships” defines every essential part of our being.  Our “ships” dictate the who, what, when, where, how and why’s of our life.  They are a valuable cog in our lives.  As with anything…too much or not enough of one thing can lead to consummation of something great…or can lead to the demise and eventually something horrific.  Through all of this…it is imperative that we control our “ships” to create to most favorable outcome in our lives.

For quite some time now I have been pondering on subjects to write about.  Often I solicit the help from others, because my brain can get drained at times…and I attempt not to write about the same subject repeatedly.  The other day I was sitting alone at work thinking about all the people in my life…the good one’s…the bad one’s and those that don’t make the meter move either way.  As I’m talking to myself…I say, “Self?”…self says, “David!”…then I’m like aww hell…I’m talking to myself…hahahaha (true story…does that make me crazy?) That seriously did happen…but back to what I’m talking about…as I thought about the different “ships” it hit me to write a series on the different “ships” and what I feel like that mean…my plan is…over the course of the next 5 days, I will present to you a different post highlighting a “ship”.

You can’t put a price on it…that is companionship I’m talking about.  Without a doubt I think that companionship is the most important of the 5 “ships”.  Many people have it misconstrued…folks would tend to think that relationships, friendships or even partnerships are the most important.  I beg to differ and I will tell you why.  You can google companionship on the internet and most definitions of the word will state:

  • the relationship of friends or companions.

I agree with the definition, but I would even take it a step further…a companionship is derived from the word companion which means:

  • one of a pair; match
  • comrade, partner, mate.
  • a person employed to accompany, assist, or live withanother in the capacity of a helpful friend.

Let’s see here…a companionship has the components of a relationship, partner (partnership), friend (friendship)…in its totality…a companionship has 4 of the 5 ingredients of all the “ships” that I mentioned.  Essentially, a companionship is birthed via all the other “ships”…that is why it is the most important. Companionship’s are essential for total prosperity.  We can enjoy life by ourselves…we can achieve many things…even happiness can be obtained…but to truly appreciate life and the art of living we must seek and embrace companionship.  When a person has a true companion…it makes life worth living.  Companions are mates…one pair..a match.  Read those words over…that MATES…MATCH…ONE PAIR.  Companions are for a lifetime…they don’t put on seasonal attire.  Companions are here today…tomorrow and forever.  A companion will walk with you at anytime…they will be your legs when you can’t walk. Companions love you despite of you.  They are loyal to you when you aren’t even loyal to yourself.

“An apple tree is just like a person. In order to thrive, it needs companionship that’s similar to it in some ways, but quite different than others.”
― Jeffrey Stepakoff

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