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Can you miss your…date with destiny???

I’m actually pondering that question as I type.   Can you miss your date destiny?  I’m not sure of the answer to that question…but one thing that I know for sure and two for certain…by the end of this post I’ll know exactly what it is that I need to know.  Today is already kind of different.  First off, you know that it has been extremely long since last I’ve posted.  Like normal…I must apologize for my tardiness…but I always say…I might be delayed…but I’m never denied. Ooh yeah…one more thing…FYI I don’t edit my writings…I do enough of that at school.  Back to regularly scheduled programming which is already in progress…. Can you miss your date destiny?  Well…can you? 

Over the course of the last few weeks I have encountered some sleepless nights…as usual my life has been overwhelming demanding.  Lets see…it’s finals week at school…I’ve taken a basketball head coaching position (at a middle school) and football…whew football has been crazy to say the least.  Of course I must apologize for my neglect…actually let me say that I’m sorry.  I’m not a fan of people saying, “I apologize”…that just seems like a thank you text message…really informal, that is done out of obligation opposed to sincerity.  When one says that they are “sorry” it just feels more genuine…heart-felt.  Can you miss your date with destiny?

Okay, background…the high school football team that I coach in my city made the state high school playoffs in Ohio.  In Ohio that is a big deal when a school makes the playoffs because there are roughly 800-900 schools that participate in sanctioned football and only 190 of these schools qualify to participate in the playoffs.  On top of that…my school earned a home playoff game.  In all the years of football existence…no public high school in my city has ever hosted a playoff game…so this was history in the making.  Secondly, my team was playing the #2 ranked team in the entire state in our division.  Doubly as important.  What makes this even more significant is that our school is in the inner city of Dayton and anyone who knows about demographics knows about my city.   Even though my school is not the only high school in the city, we carried the entire weight of our city on our backs.  See to many people in Dayton, this was more than just your average run of the mill game…it was BIGGER.  It was the underprivileged, misguided, poor, non-disciplined, inner city community…against the BULLY…the judgmental, privileged, disciplined, wealthy Catholic school community.  Your classic David versus Goliath.  Black versus white. 

Can you miss your date with destiny?  Let me fast –forward because I can really see this post getting out of hand and me missing the entire purpose of the blog…maybe even missing destiny huh?  Back to the game…both teams came out extremely focused and it was an epic battle…the lead was changed or shared several time…but at the end of the night…it was my team that upset the #2 ranked team in the state and pandemonium ensued.  This was only the third playoff win for the entire school district in over 75 years of high school football.  The shockwaves that this victory sent across the state was insane.  No matter where I went that following week…I was greeted with nothing but respect and admiration for this tremendous feat.  Okay…here I go folks…I’m really getting off track…promise I got you….

We advanced to the second round of the playoffs and we were in uncharted territory…win this game and we would accomplish something that no other Dayton Public School has not…advance to the third round of the playoffs.  This week of preparation was like no other.  Our children knew the significance of winning this game.  We were locked…loaded and focused.  It was only one thing that stood in the way off our date with destiny…the #1 ranked team in our region.  Be patient now…it’s game-time and now its time to cash-in on all of our hardwork, the blood, sweat and tears since January.  Destiny is on the other side of the window and she is looking awfully beautiful.  Our team took control of the game early and raced out to a 13-0 halftime lead.  All appeared to be well.  We’ve preached to our children all season…to be great you must be willing to go above and beyond…one must be able to tread in uncharted territories in confidence and impose its will.  Can you miss your date with destiny?

Follow me now…life is about focus and adjustments.  It’s never how one starts…its how one finishes.  Typically, the person that makes the least amount of mistakes…learns from the mistakes that they’ve made…adjusts and be able to withstand adversity will always be victorious.  Back to the game…without warning…we started to make uncharacteristic mistakes…we started to forget assignments…we began to play unfocused…and our opponent began to play more consistent…and via our mistakes…they exuded more confidence.  They made halftime adjustments.  As the minutes ticked off the clock our lead dwindled until the score was tied going into the fourth quarter.  We were 12 minutes away from dancing with our destiny.  With the weight of the city on our shoulders again…we slugged back and forth with the #1 team.  Like a #1 team should…their greatness began to radiate.  The adjustments that they made started to manifest even deeper…and our lack of adjusting began to be exploited.  Finally, with less than 4 minutes to play, they took the lead 20-13.  Now our backs are against the wall and we must mount a drive to win the game…we are fighting and clawing all the way down the field.  And with less than two seconds in the game we have the ball on 4th down at our opponent’s 2 yard line to tie the game.  We ran the play and our running back gets the ball…and in a controversial call…our running back was deemed to had fumbled the ball before he crossed the goaline and the other team recovered the ball…there you have it…we lost.  Stunned, dejected, hurt, wounded and angry…our date with destiny stood us up.

Where am I going with this…see in life one is presented with opportunities.  It is the choices that one makes…it is the decisions that they make when adversity strikes.  The true character of a person is not determined at the time of the test…that is a life-long misconception…the true character of a person is determined at the time of the pop quiz.  Does that make sense?  You might or might not agree but let me tell you this…One has time to prepare for a test…but how does one perform during a sudden change?  When adversity strikes how well do you perform…are you able to stand strong…adjust and re-focus?  Destiny is a part of life…we are all destined for something…but it is our decision making or lack thereof that causes us to miss out on our destiny AT the original appointed time.  

So can you miss your date with destiny?  My answer is no…you can’t miss your date with destiny…sometimes she just decides to change the date to another day…


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