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The Prescription is the Answer

I guess this is becoming a habit…this on again and off again relationship that I have with blogging.  I promise I so try to be consistent with my posting, but it seems like I ran into that same issue again…time just always seem to just have its way with me.  Time likes to treat me like a red-headed stepchild.  It never gives me what I want and none of what I need.  I dunno…maybe it is I and I just have to do better.

I have so much to tell you and so much has happened to me, but like usual I won’t bore you with all the minuscule, inconsequential details of my life…I will save that for another time.  Hmmm…but I will tell you this…God over the course of the last week…has really been moving and revealing in my life.  Kinda like that “what’s for me will be for me” thing I talk about often.  Yep…He has been granting me a level of revelation that is crazy.  Let me get on with this because ya’ll know how I can get…start one way…get off subject and all of a sudden I’m talking about the price of tea in China and the Capri Sun sale I caught at Wally World in Franklin, Ohio.

I don’t want this to be too terribly long, but I’m just gonna write and see where this thing takes us.  Oooh before I forget…I have some new readers (yaaaaay me!) so I will preface this by saying, I don’t mute, edit or censor anything.  I believe in raw emotions…it’s a blog and full of my dysfunctional thoughts…so you will get misspellings…horrible grammar (at times)…and all the stuff that our English teachers used to complain about ….sooooooo whew now that’s out of the way….

I have been going through this transformation over the course of a week now.  It started last Monday I guess…I decided to go through self-enlightening period that I refer to as D.E.W….or David/Dew’s Enlightening Walk.  What I have decided to go is confess aloud either to a friend or via my facebook page or twitter (social networks UGH!) my enlightening epiphanic moments…some might be comical in nature, but they are all sincere.  I dunno…its just hard for me to be serious all the time…oooh there I go again…anywho back on task.

See this is the first week in quite sometime I had attended church more that once in a given week.  I actually went to a much needed revival for three days and went visiting a church…well not visiting… this is probably my home away from my home church.  I was blown away by some powerful messages preached and the Word that was deposited in my spirit and spoken over my life.  One thing I know is that God is definitely forreal and He is the truth.  God wiped me down this past week at church and He exposed me to myself.  I was spiritually raped with love…He exposed me to myself even though I see myself everyday.  Hold on…did you get that…He exposed me to myself…see we don’t realize that needs to happen for us to receive promotion.  We stand naked in front of ourselves everyday and look in the mirror and all we see is a carbon copy of something that is truly not real…smoke and mirrors…a reality filled with perceptions.  Okay…maybe that is just me. I’m just talking…don’t mind me.

Do you know that God has predestined us for greatness and we don’t even know it?  We stay stuck in the situations that we can physically see with our eyes opposed to grabbing a hold on to His Word.  I heard somewhere before, I think it was a movie…that, “the greatest trick the devil has ever pulled is convincing us that he doesn’t exist”.  This statement is so true.  How many times have you been caught in a rut far beyond be stagnant and you just accept that “it is what it is”?  That is the trick…He wants you to think that you have to settle, that you can’t rise above whatever the stumblingblock is.  We are predestined for greatness.  Before the DNA strains were carefully crafted and woven to construct you…God had ALREADY mapped out a plan for you.  Ephesians 1:11…in whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worked all things after the counsel of his own will.  So why we are running around trying to figure it out…God has already mapped it out…we in turn must be obedient to His word.

We must learn that the blessing come not via what we see…it comes via what we hear and the promise He has given us.  That’s why we need to quit walking around with out heads down.  We need to quit moving in our own will.  If He said He is going to do it…He will.  His timing is perfect when our timing is flawed.  He has pre-prescription on our lives.  Hold on…back up for a moment…a prescription is defined as: a direction, usually written, by the physician to the pharmacist for the preparation and use of a medicine or remedy.  Lets see here…walk with me for a minute.  Typically when we are ill we go to the doctor and depending on the severity of the problem he will write a prescription to help heal you from your ailment.  Look at this definition of prescription…lemme translate this for you.  A direction (a Word from God), usually written (The Bible), by THE physician (God in all His Glory) to THE pharmacist (Jesus, the Son) for the preparation and use of medicine (mercy, grace and favor) or remedy (promotion from your ailment).  See God will perfect and heal any matters that concern the heart.  He will be a dose of Divine medicine when the enemy attacks.  Don’t worry about the outcome, because the cure is thru the Pharmacist via the Physician.  Nobody comes to the Father, but thru the Son.  So we must first know and have a relationship with Jesus first.  The blessings will come (maybe that one is for another day).

I’m gonna have to stop on that one, because this post went way away from what I attended…but what I do know is that when God moves…He moves…just like that.  It is up to us to be obedient and stay rooted in His promise.  God bless you!

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