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You can’t see what I see…

A few weeks back I found myself with some extra time on my hands.  I had arrived at school kinda early so I decided to grab something to eat.  Now I’m not a breakfast dude for breakfast…but I love breakfast for dinner (that’s bass ackwards I know).  As I’m sitting down in the café area trying to figure out my next move and I hear this tapping sound.  It is getting closer and closer….so I spin around to see what it is.  As I turn around I see a lady that is blind and is using her white cane to maneuver around.  This is not an unusual situation…but for some reason I decide to watch her.  She is going on about her business with no help at all…actually doing a great job negotiating all the turns on the way to her destination. 

I’m so intrigued by her…actually captivated…I can’t take my eyes off her.  I’m amazed how relatively easy she is doing it…all the while why she is walking she has the most pleasant look on her face.  My wheels are churning thinking about how she just did all of that.  Eventually, I figure out what I’m going to eat…so my focus is back to food now.  As I’m eating I witness another blind lady sitting down and doing exactly what I am.  Again, like the previous lady…she had no issues doing what she needs to do…AND she has this same pleasant look on her face.  At this point I am tripping.  I just seen two different blind women that needed NO help with their daily routine and they have this blissful look on their face.

It made me look at this completely different.  Walk with me for a second.  Why is it that these women that can’t physically see one thing have not issues with accomplishing their goals…but us that have the capabilities of our sight fall short?  It hit me…2 Corinthians 5:7 states…For we walk by faith, not by sight.  You see these women didn’t have the luxury of seeing what’s around them.  They had to WALK by FAITH…and not by sight.  Their complete trust was on what they already knew.  They both knew exactly how many paces it was to their destination…they knew exactly how it sounds.  They had complete trust in how they were rooted.

I quickly was able to shift gears and understand that is many of our problems today…I’m saying folks that can physically SEE.  We place too much stock into what we are able to physically SEE…not where we have been rooted.  We choose not to use our “walking cane” (the bible) and focus on each circumstance and situation.  I believe if we ever trust that God will supply every need…then we will be able to completely see what’s truly right in front of us.  We constantly hit these bring walls because we are so consumed with what a situation looks like…opposed to what it will be.  See these women didn’t allow a disability be a probability…they allowed their disability enhance what they already knew. 

What are trials and tribulations…they are experiences that are designed to disable you momentarily to where God needs you to be.  What am I saying people…don’t be blinded by what you don’t nor can’t see…be reminded by what He has done and will do….Go through you disability with a smile on your face…I know these ladies did!


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