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My Soul is Anchored…..

I’ve sat back trying to figure out the direction of my blog.  From time to time I go through this evaluation process.  At times it gets rather irritating…I mean from the standpoint of smashing my head against the wall (well its not that violent)…that repetitious nature is something that I am really cool on. 

One day I decide to be more structured (but that is not me)…other times I want to be more carefree (but again that is not me)…so my answer is to do what I have done.  I truly believe this way I am able to cover what I want and at least reach one person.

Okay…I’ve been told numberous of times that I am an interesting specimen…that a group can do a case study on me and come up with some fascinating results.  My mind is always in overdrive….like everyone is moving at 55 mph and I’m coasting around 80 mph…go figure…but anywho…

I was sitting down listening to some Gospel music this morning and the song that I paid particular attention to was “My Soul is Anchored”.  The fascinating thing about this is that it was the song played at Ronya’s funeral before they closed the casket (yeah that really sucked)…but as I continued to listen to the words I was quickly moved to tears.  For one I started to replay her funeral in my head and for two the words are so beautiful.

The words speak about a storm of tremendous proportions…the storm won’t cease…the wind won’t stop blowing…but regardless my soul is anchored in the Lord.  A problem that we often encounter as people is that we get too consumed in our situations.  We see things from where we are.  This gives us a tainted and distorted view of reality.  When we are truly able to steadfast and are able to accept reality, then change and purpose manifest.

How many of you know that life is one ginormous test?  Life is a test filled with trust and eventually a temporary assignment.  Our goal should be to perform well during our trials and tribulations (tests)…involving God (trust) to pass us through our temporary assignment.  If we are able to complete these task, we will receive eternal rewards.  Know that how you perform during your storms (tests) has internal implications….

Remember that reward is tri-fold…affirmation…promotion…celebration.  Now is my lifetime…I am walking into my destiny.

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