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Habits Vs. Routines

Since my life lately has been ever-changing, I often would find myself incorporating an elementary routine with the things that I could control and allowed the remainder of the chips to fall where they may.  This systematic method probably appeared to be chaotic for most…but with me it just seemed to fit appropriately like a hand to a glove.  Through each winding path of unpredictable, erratic, capricious developments… my routine kept me grounded.  I guess I can compare many of my life experiences to a mirror filled maze at a funhouse.  I knew there was a beginning and eventually an end…but all the twist and turns at times seemed to be less than desireable.    At this point, this is where my routine seemed to always kick in to rescue me from the pits of obscurity.

As my routine started to run its course…a funny thing happened on my somewhere down the line of my routine…it methodically transformed into habits…and many of them where bad habits.  See this is where the dilemma resides…a routine is extremely simple to adjust to…wake up 10 minutes earlier….live 5 minutes later…cook dinner every other day…a little bit of this mixed with some of that…then the adjustment has occurred…BUT habits are all together a creature that can not be easily broken.  I compare a habit to sex…easy to obtain…damn hard to shake!  Habits can be the demise of oneself…especially if it’s not addressed properly. 

I was sitting eating dinner and having a conversation with my sons and instantly I drifted off and started to reflect…WOW…how did my routine become a habit????…one word hit me immediately…consistency.  Whether good or bad consistency brings forth change…this inspired a new word to incorporate into my vocabulary…CONSISTENCY.  Time to break habits and create healthy consistent routines…..

Now is my lifetime…I have a date with destiny……

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No title!!!

Wow…what do I say people??? Its been a looong time since I have placed fingers to keys to share some of my dysfunctional experiences.  Life for me has been extremely interesting to say the least.  I have had time to reflect on many things…time to place everything in proper perspective…and most importantly I am attempting to move my life in a different direction.  I guess I can give you guys a brief update on what has transpired the last few months…in a nutshell…I decided not to go back to work until potentially late 2010 or early 2011 (we’ll see how that works) unless things go to hell in a hand-basket then I will be back earlier…this time off I should be just about completed with three degrees.  I moved residence (actually plan on moving again mid-Feb)…I allowed #2 to go live with her grandmother…I coached high school football (our team was undefeated 10-0…the first team in our league in over 30 years to obtain this feat)*….notice the Barry Bonds asterik…I will come back to that at a later date…#3 has a baby on the way…went through a mid-life crisis (dont know if that is possible at this stage…im only 33)…got a new tattoo…had a mo-hawk (and cut it)…dabbled with purchasing a motorcycle…windows busted out my car (twice)…flip-out television stoled out my car…you get the drift…

Well folks…I know I didn’t say much….but I gotta run.  Be back tomorrow…Miss ya!!!!!

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