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Trust the Process

I tell you things my way have been definitely shaken over the course of the last several months.  I’ve been kinda in this living and learning stage…trying to deal with the change of pace that life has an uncanny way of shooting at you…especially when you least expect it.  As I muddle through some of the tangled webs I have woven and some of the wounds that were self-inflicted, I have learned that no matter what it looks like…at the end of the say I must follow and undoubtedly TRUST THE PROCESS. 

It’s strange because many people do not even have a clue that each and every person here on this earth has a different process….yes, some of the particular window dressings might look similar (and might even be the same)…but my process is not your process…or Jane’s process…or even John’s process….mine is mine and yours is your…point blank. That is where many things seemed to go astray when we attempt to force feed our process down someone’s throat.  I look at it like this…we are individuals…we must conduct ourselves accordingly and respect each other’s individuality.

Where am I going with all this…heck I didn’t even know myself until I started this paragraph.  God reveals situations (it can be the same situation) to us on His timing.  I don’t know His reason and I don’t even want to attempt to know because He is omnipotent…He has unlimited authority and dominion over everything.  All too often we get caught up in a situation because we expect for folks to conduct their selves a certain way…because you expect a certain outcome…We tend to manipulate it until the outcome that we expect happens…but folks remember that there is an order to everything under the Sun.  It is not for us to massage and transform a situation to how we see fit.  Just because I don’t move when and how you want me to moving doesn’t mean I not going to move.  I have to move in my season.

We have to trust our process…no matter what it may look like.  If you know what you know…then regardless press forward with the intention that your where given.  Don’t try to make it fit in your world…in your timing…

Trust your process and work your faith!!!!

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Does time heal all wounds????

Does time truly heal all wounds? This can be debated from many aspects and I’m not sure if I truly know the answer. I guess me as a Christian will give the answer that I’m supposed to, “yes” time does heal all wounds…but all so often we are wrestling against flesh that our healing progress is sabotaged. I always seem to have these revelations by the smallest of things. About a week ago at football practice I was stung by a bee…and I found out that I was allergic to bee stings. My forearm slightly swelled and I have to scar to prove it. I really didn’t pay too much attention but as time went on, my arm started to itch and this crazy looking rash started to spread across my forearm like a brush fire in California with no water around. Some days it would just itch out of control. As I scratched the sting site it instantly became red and irritated. Every time I fooled around with this rash it flared out…but for some reason I just could not help it.

Fast forward now…I’m actually supposed to be preparing for a Geology test that I am taking in about 43 minutes when I started to think about my blog that I haven’t posted to in quite some time. For some peculiar reason I felt the strong urge to post an entry. As I scoured through potential topics, healing came over me. I really think because I have some wounds that I thought time would heal…that actually didn’t. I find that very fascinating, because through my growth process I have been experiencing the last few months things have started to resurface again.

What I have found out is like this bee sting rash I had…as long continued go back and aggravate that old wound (no matter how long it has been) it never had the proper time to heal. So to answer my initial question…time does not heal all wounds…it is the process you take to allow the wound to heal…go figure….

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