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Father’s Day….after the show…

…I wrote this to my father and I planned on releasing it on Father’s Day…but the interesting thing is that something hit me…I knew that the web would be saturated with Father’s Day this…that and another…so I decided to write to my father separately…kinda to set him apart…


I know you are not here physically on this Earth to read this, but for some peculiar reason I know that you are peeking down reading this as I type.  It has been slightly over two years since you took your last breath.  You know…I never thought in a million years that I would EVER feel the way I do about you.  You have been the source of so much pain to me.  At one point in my life, I wished that I would never cross paths with your again.  I resented the fact that I came from you.  For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why things went sour between us…but over the course of time I have come to understand that I must go through things to achieve what’s in store for me.

For years, I wanted to be so bitter and angry towards you…and for the most part I succeeded, even after I told you that I forgave you…but the strangest thing happened to me…through all my pain…hurt…frustration and heartache…I began to understand that you were a man and you made mistakes.  I understood the fact that you could not make up for lost time.  I knew that all we could do is move forward from the point your re-introduced yourself to me.

The thing is dad…I do love you…I always had…and even that you are gone…I always will.  First I must apologize to you for the feelings I had towards you.  I know that even though I was angry…they still were inappropriate.  It saddens me that it takes for you to be gone two years before I can say this to you.  Even though I might feel that you didn’t go about things that correct way…I thank you for the life you have given me.  I thank you for the things that you did teach me. 

I don’t think I have ever said this…but Happy Father’s Day Dad….I do love you…until me meet again.

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No False Steps….

So much has happened since the last time I have posted anything of tresselmjtsignificance. Many of you know that I coach high school football for a school in my area. I actually coach the linebackers. I won’t go into detail about the responsibilities of a ‘backer…I know that would bore quite a few of you…but there is something profound that I found out yesterday while we were at mini-camp. I love my coaching job. I coach for an inner-city program so many of the kids are rough around the edges…but the crazy thing is…they are all great kids…as I start to peel back their complex layers…I learn that they are no different than any other child…they just merely had to adapt to their surroundings.

Anywho…that is a conversation for a later day. I have learned over the years that it is the small things that get our attention…I teach mLaurinaitis-2y players about making no “false steps”…and what I mean by that is (and I promise I’m going to keep the linebacker/football terminology to a minimum) every step you take make it a positive football move. In my defense we have 3 linebackers…each has their own name…Mike (middle backer)…Will (weak side backer) and Sam (strong side backer). Follow me for a minute here…these 3 backers have their own keys…BUT it is all the same. I teach them to mirror their keys through the big picture. For instance…the Mike keys the fullback…if the fullback goes right…the Mike is to mirror him and make his step definitive…if the fullback step forward…the Mike is to step forward…again mirroring his key…BUT as he mirrors his key, the Mike still must watch his key through the entire play…or what I call the big picture. It is pertinent that he does not take any unnecessary steps…or false steps…if he does…there is a potential to be out of position and completely miss the play. Now the Will has a different key…he reads the near back to the tail back…BUT also through the big picture.

We teach our kids that once you read you key…mirror him and you must do what we call…”step to balance”…what this means is after he makes the initial mirror step of his key…he must then place himself in a football related stance…keeping a good width between his feet…staying low to the ground and ready to attack…weight equally distributed and shoulders parallel to the line of scrimmage (this is where they hike the ball from) …he steps to balance just in case the play goes a different way…for this reason…if all these components are correctly put in place even if the opposing team attempts to fool the player and run the ball in a different direction…it is easy for him to adjust and redirect himself and still make a play.

As I was teaching this last night at mini-camp…I started to thing about life and how it is crazy how this simple football technique mirrors us. FleaFlickerSee…God has a play designed for us…but we don’t know exactly what it is…we must read the keys that He gives us…but we can’t just focus on one thing…we have to look at it through the big picture. Check this out…for instance you can be sitting watching television…you can see the television…but you can also see everything thing behind it…you might have pictures on the wall…a clock…speakers…you see the big picture. God has a big picture for all of us…BUT sometimes when we start to make false steps…He might re-direct the play…that is when you must step to balance…you must be able to re-adjust to the direction of your life. Just because you have re-directed your life…doesn’t mean that the goal is not the same. Concentrate…stay focused on the big picture…just like the Will and Mike…even though they have different responsibilities…their goal is ultimately the same. Stop comparing your keys to others…be able to step to balance when it gets tough…make your steps positive life steps…be definitive in your actions.

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. – William Arthur Ward


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Short and Simple

I just felt the need to say hey all…I’ve been really busy tying up some loose ends, but I have a cornucopia of things I want to share with everyone over the next few weeks.  I have a number of  writings I will release and I hope you enjoy.  Please check back with my first installment.  See ya tomorrow!


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Addition by Subtraction the Remix…Say Hello to the Bad Guy….

When I first started to write this series of Addition by Subtraction, I didn’t have a clue that my feelings would become so entangled it them. I have written several more post regarding this topic, but I decided not to post them. This will be my final Addition by Subtraction post…..with a slight twist to it…..Addition by Subtraction the Remix…Say Hello to the Bad Guy….

Like my boy Will, a lot of my blog influences especially when it comes to titles are some sort of lyrics or a name of a song. Say Hello is a song by Jay-Z that I have been listening to the last few days. Initially it was just a song that I liked…but today I was paying attention to the hook of the song…

To the bad guy
They say I’m a bad guy
I come from the bottom
But now I’m mad fly
Say Hello
They say I’m a menace
That’s the picture they paint
They say a lot about me
Let me yell ya what I ain’t

Lately I have had some serious changes manifest in my life…some warranted…some not..I know that you all have heard the age old adage….Sticks and stones my break my bones, but words would never hurt me. There was a point in time where I felt that this was an accurate statement…but as I was placed in certain situations…I quickly realized that this is not necessarily the truth. I have learned that David is not as hard as I thought. Sometimes the very emotions that I compartmentalize are the same ones that I wear on my sleeve. During these life-altering events… I have learned that David has been wrong in many situations. I have learned that David has hurt people. I have learned that David has a lot of maturing to go through…

It has been over a year since Ronya has passed away…and through this entire journey I have experienced some extreme highs and lows. I have done many things along this time that I don’t approve of and I would have never in a million years imagined that I would have done things of this nature. I haven’t robbed a bank or committed a murder…naw nothing like that…but I have hurt people along my personal quest for the pursuit of happiness.

Many things I have done over the course of this time have somewhat come into question. It is crazy… but what I have learned more than anything is that David is human and I have made mistakes. I can admit to my mistakes and take any repercussions from them. I know my character and the type of person I am. At the end of the day…I can only be me. The biggest lesson I have learned is that…I am accountable for me and the things that I choose to do. I live to learn……Say goodbye to the bad guy…..


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Addition by Subtraction pt. V

It is simply amazing, as my emotions turn from hot to cold and then back to hot again.  I always seem to find myself in the most peculiar of positions.  I wish my life would be smooth…or do I really?  Good question…on one hand I would love to have this stereotypical black and white life…the predictable type…safe or I could have a life of deliberately thoughtless, disorganized, free-spirit …a matter of choices…I guess.  If you’re asking me…I would prefer a blissful balance of the two…but what we want many times pale in comparison to what we receive…better yet what we need.  Where is this going…you probably guessed it by now…addition by subtraction.

Saturday morning started off slow…off to work…well hell…just check my last post and you can see how the previous day went.  I’m scheduled to arrive at this new facility fairly early.  As I drove to the destination, my mind wondered…now those that know me best would tell you that confidence is not an issue I have…they probably would describe me as the love child spawned from a ménage trios of cocky, confident and arrogant.  I know that is a horrible visual…but that is what I’ve been told.  Don’t shoot the messenger.  I wondered how the employees of this company would receive me.  I should note that what I am coming to do is something that is completely foreign to them…and change is sometimes met with opposition.  I’m coming to this company in strictly a consultative role…so I don’t wanna ooze the attitude of being the “chief” while everyone else are “Indians”…is that really politically correct to say anymore?

After I gave my initial overview and direction of what should happen, it was showtime.  Of course with anything new there was hiccups…and we had a severe case of them.  Yeah it did add fuel to the stress I have been over…but ooh well…what doesn’t kill me…makes me stronger.

The dockworkers start to unload my material from the “old facility” to this new facility.  As I stood from afar watching them…I became fixated on this piece of wood (weird isn’t it)…then I once again started to watch the employees work.  They are making progress.  With each pallet I am able to see the trailers empty one by one…in turn I am as able to watch this warehouse fill with product.  Initially, I felt great…the countless ours over the last three weeks are now coming to fruition…hard work does pay…doesn’t it?

I again became fixated on this piece of wood.  I start to think deeper and I must have slipped far off because somebody asked me if I was “ok”.  At that instant…I couldn’t help but to think about losing again…and why can’t I shake it?  I have placed countless hours in my old facility and in a matter of a few days it will be gone.  With each pallet thereafter I couldn’t help but to be overwhelmed with a feeling of heartache.  I was literally watching my job leave…then it hit me…its like a marriage (life that is)…for better or worse…addition by subtraction.

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