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What you know about that….

…it is the 29th of decemeber and i am at the school bookstore getting my books and supplies for the winter quarter that starts next monday.  speaking of new starts…. i’m starting a new format to the blog and i think that you will love it.  it will have a kind of comical relief to it…with of touch of david’s dysfunction.  stayed tuned for that.

now back to this bookstore thing…i got to the bookstore and it was bubbling over like pasta water…i mean it literally was like folks oozing from the seams…like see…okay…you know when you have a pair of jeans that you like and they just don’t fit like they used to…you might have some excess hanging in certain places….lol….maybe that is just me…but that is how the store looks…it is people everywhere…and someone smells like the inside of a twice baked butt-hole…okay…i’m sorry about that one…but it is the truth.  the bookstore is so interesting…just listening to people on the phone and the conversations some of these people in line have is hilarious…they have definitely provided me with some artillery to write a few blogs…so when i post these blogs i going to label them bookstore so you can see the madness and insanity that i have witnessed the last 2 hours.

i really hoping that they have this principles of management book or i will be upset….with a capital upset…school bookstores…you gotta love them…what you know about that?

Success without honor is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger, but it won’t taste good. – Joe Paterno

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“I’ll take no for $200 Alex”…..

…growing up I was like most children my age….I watched the typical cartoon…G.I. Joe…Transformer…He-Man…Scooby-Doo…you know…but also I was a game-show junkie.  My favorite game-show was Jeopardy.  I watched it all the time and I still watch it when I get the chance (maybe that is why I am a history major).  I watched Jeopardy all the time.  Even my parents thought that this was kind of weird.  I can remember reading when I was younger…I actually started really reading at a very early age…In kindergarten I used to read to my class and in second grade my parents started to get the daily paper and I would read it. I guess from the beginning I always was a different type dude…but I had to mask it because of where I grew up.  Will might kill me for this one, but I stayed literally a block away from Will and I was always over his house.  We would want to get into some crooked madness…but most of the older dudes around would never let us really get involved…I mean did we do a few things…yeah…I would be lying to you if I said we were squeaky clean…but there was always a covering over both of us.  That is why I know that we are destined to do some great things together (sorry Will…hahaha).


Anywho…with Christmas just passing…I now have had the chance to start the detoxing stage.  Christmas was extremely emotional for the home team.  I didn’t imagine that it would be…but I guess when you expect the best and get the worst…it is always very bad.  Not to change the subject…but I am kind of writing this post in real-time…I listen to music a lot when I write…I know that I have told you often that I am a pneumonic writer…I need rhythm to get going…well I’m listening to Pandora and they have chosen this Brian McKnight song called “Everytime you go away”…whew this song is really killing me right now…because I miss Ronya an awful lot…it is extremely painful…Aww good…Pandora just switched songs…now I can get back on track…anywho the worst part of me came out on Christmas. Dew decided to rear his ugly head…I have been suppressing this cat for quite sometime now…but he was just waiting for the perfect storm to come out…and boy did he…hahahaha…I can semi-laugh now, because I am still feeling it…but he was nothing to be played with.  I don’t know how many people told me that I was nasty and unapproachable.  I was just down right ignorant…you know what I thought…ooh well…that’s the way the cookie crumbles…life is not fair…suck it up…deal with it…and keep it moving…that is what I have to do on a daily basis. 


I think folks just don’t understand that range of emotions that I go through on a daily basis.  The thing about it though is that there was Thanksgiving and then just a few weeks later Christmas…I was unable to get it all out of my system before Christmas got here and it was all bad.  I didn’t intentionally try to be nasty…but I was NOT in control of my emotions.  After re-assessing the situation….I apologized to a few people…but everyone else gets what they get.  Sorry…maybe I need to pray on that one. 


Back to the…I’ll take no for $200 Alex…that is like my motto now…I have to toughen back up people…I’ve been letting things slide because it just has been convenient for me…or just didn’t care…It is just time for me to tighten things back up…I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions…but I just need to make the proper changes in my life to get things going in the correct direction for me and my family.  There are things that I am holding on to that needs to be dropped of…there are things staring me smack in my face that is conducive to my well being that will start to be utilized… Things are going to change for the home team.  My life is what it is…folks it is time to piss or get off the pot! I’m reverting back to my favorite game-show…I’ll take no for $200 Alex….


I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. – Bill Cosby


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when i grow-up….

…I want to be what____?  Let me fill in the blank….I remember growing up you could not tell me nothing.  I KNEW that David was going to the University of North Carolina and play professional football…with eventually coaching in the NFL and becoming a sports broadcaster…WOW…how I so deviated from that.  I am just finishing school (11 years later)…turned down all my scholarships to play football…and haven’t coached on any level higher than high school…that is a far cry from the aforementioned.

But even though I didn’t follow the idea path in life that I anticipated…I would not change path for the world…. if you put a gun to my head…I probably would have played college ball.  That might (and that is a stretch) but the slightest regret that I have.  I think often as we “grow-up” we get caught up in the fact that this “idea” path we had as adolescent didn’t necessarily formulate into the ultimate goal.  I am a firm believer that we are in the position and place in our lives at exactly this point of time for a reason.  It was supposed to happen this way.  Now I am also a firm believer that our positions and situations can change…based on the decisions we choose to make.

I say all of this to say…if you are not happy with where you are at…at this point in your life….change the channel.  Your current situation is not your ultimate destination…our destination is determined by our determination…or lack thereof ….

Can I really feel in the blank…yes I can…when I grow-up I want to be exactly what I am….a great fathe, hardworker and was a loving husband….your turn….when you grow-up what do you want to be_____

I want to be just like my daddy. -D.Dew Jr.


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T-minus seven days…..

….and counting to Christmas….and your boy is really dragging his feet.  I haven’t even remotely decided what I’m going to get everybody.  I normally go to the mall on the 23rd and 24th each year…grab me a drink…sit on the benches throughout the mall and just laugh at everyone as they walk around like a chicken with their heads cutoff.  This year I guess I’m going to be one of those chickens.  Shopping for #1 and 2 is fairly simple…even though they are merely 12 and 10…they don’t play with toys…strictly electronics and clothes….#1 been showing out, so that might make things even easier.

I really can’t say that I am looking forward to Christmas…just not in the festive mood…not lights up at the house…no tree…not a hint of Christmas.  The other day I woke up in the middle of the night (2:30a) and went to the fridge to get something to drink….like usual #1 had drunk up everything in the house…so at this point it was like…have a Corona…hmm sounds good, but I’ll pass…drink water…nada….or go to the store to get some juice or soda…ding ding ding….so Kev and I went to the store on a soda chase.  As I was walking out of the door, I noticed that there was alot of ice on the ground.  Earlier in the day…the city was hit with a real bad bout of freezing rain…and it was coats of ice EVERYWHERE…I’m looking at the frozen grass and all I could think of is this time last year…Ronya was in a rehabilitation center and taking her outside in her wheelchair through the grass just so she could get out of the room…I had a flashback and just told Kev about how much I miss that woman.

Speaking of her…I miss her so much…but you know what…I am okay…I have came to the realization that I can still miss her and continue to progress with my life.  I know that she is up above just laughing at all my dysfunction…saying to herself…”I told that dude…he ain’t gonna never change!”…hahahaha….

Back to this Christmas thing….I’m thinking about making an appearance at the family shin-dig…not a big one because I truly don’t want to be bothered…so the home team will play our position and chill… I look forward to Celtics dismantling the Lakers for Christmas.  Maybe the closer I get, the better I will feel…only time will tell…I still will hit the mall, because this is the season you see some of the craziest things…maybe I’ll go out in disguise so folks won’t bother me…

Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.- Calvin Coolidge


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I feel the need to re-post today….thanks to the powers to be i was sidetracked….i have a question….what is it about teenagers…actually my son is a pre-teen, but is right there…he is 12…whew….i really don’t understand their logic and why the heck they do THINGS…i promise i told my son until he can get it right…whatever he wants to do…do the complete opposite and that will keep him making the correct decisions…i just don’t know people…teenagers….i mean were we that bad…i did things…but i was never that sloopy…i would NEVER get caught with doing some of the things that he did…my parents had to go CSI to catch me up in some stuff…a matter of fact some of the things i did can be compared to the television show Cold Case…they’ll find out 30 years later….lol.

ooh man…i love my son but it is really not looking swell for the home team…lol.


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What happens when the clock stops ticking…

…hmm….that is an interesting one….i have a outside of my office that i see cans1everytime i go into the warehouse and i just doesn’t tick anymore.  again i had a post in the can already and then i decided to deviate from it.  let me clarify the word ‘can’….i got a message the other day from the “count your blessing post” and they were kind of confused with the adjective i decided to use.  when i use can in this sense it is exclusively about the completion of a post to be reveal or released at a later time…you know….lights…camera …action can….not as in have to gobathroom-toilets-l to the bathroom can…but bubble gut can…so whoever you are i will not put you on blast….that will just be our secret…lol.

now that we have that out of the way….back to this clock…everytime i go in and out of the warehouse there is this clock that i have just been too lazy to replace or check to see if the batteries are dead.  yesterday well actually the last few weeks have not been the best for the home team…i’ve been battling a few things….i haven’t been to therapy since black friday and both the numbers (1 and 2) have been sick…so combining all that…things have been what they are…i wondered about the clock and i paralled that clock to my life…what really happens when the clock stop ticking…i don’t have a clue….right now i can see myself in that clock….okay people…you know that i am not crazy….at least i think that you do…but at times David feels like my clock stopped ticking…that actually is a hurtful feeling….i watch as others go about their daily business…and i feel like i’m standing still…not out of wanting to…but on the strength of my damn clock just won’t tick.  i sit back in amazement at some of the actions of the people that are close to me and some that aren’t….i am a very visual and observative person…and i see plenty of carefree things somewhat flaunted around me….now most of it is…well if not all is unintentional…but the fact of the matter it is still prevelant….kind of like speeding…just because you don’t intentionally speed…if you get pulled over…you are still accountable for you actions.

clock2my clock has just been doing its own thing…really has not been following the rules of…hmmm let me find the word….got it…clockhood….i dunno where that came from…but it has just been like, ‘whatever dude’…i can’t call it really…i think i told you before that i am really a neumonic person…rhythms really get me going…just the click clack of keys on a keyboard or the tapping of my fingers on a desk helps me when i am at a stand-still.  what i mean by that is you know how you are trying to learn a dance and it is just off…but when you add the boom boom clack of the music it is easier…that is me…the boom boom clack…not the quiet type…i say all of that to say and hopefully…eventually i can tie all this in by the end of this post…if not…it is funny that you read all of this with no dang on purpose…lol…i’m writing two books as we speak and i always wondered why when im out in the mix…i.e away from home…i can never just write in my notebook…it is like a blank…i actually had to take two of my exams with music on to get started…but when i am at home on the keyboard it just flows…my laptop bombed sometime ago and i just have really just been lazy getting another one…maybe it is because i do not want to finish one of my books…who knows…maybe i’m just lazy….

it has been brought to my attention twice this past week that i wear alot of hats…which i conceal my eyes…i never thought of that…i just thought that david likes hats…but the more i thought about it….it is true…i wore hats before ronya passed, but since she has passed i have purchased like 50 + hats…and i wear them over my eyes…kind of low…it is like i want to see the world…but i don’t want the world to really see david….

i had beautiful intentions of this blog today and between meetings and calls…and brain on facebook…i got sidetracked…so thank you very much brain…so hopefully i can pick this back up at another time…im only posting it because i did too much typing…lol.


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Can you pass the aleve…

…man people I have had this headache for a few weeks now…it comes and goes (more come than go)…so it is not constant…but it is so annoying.  I actually have a few things I want to touch on today, so if you check back in a few hours there will be a post….see you later…and most importantly be blessed…

David Sr.

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